16 Year Old Girl Birthday Cake Themes

Your daughter's 16th birthday is coming up soon, and aside from giving her a celebration she'll never forget, you also want to make sure that the cake is as tasty and decorative as possible. Birthday cakes that reflect your daughter's interest, or even a dessert that gives her a clue to help her guess one of her birthday gifts, will make the main confection of the party just as enjoyable as the event 12.

Colours and Patterns

Select your teen daughter's favourite colours and patterns for a visually appealing cake that fits with the party decor. For instance, if she's adorned her room with stripes, choose colours she prefers, like lime green and turquoise, for the fondant covering and strips on the top of the cake. In the midst of the stripes, cut fondant into the shape of number "16" to position in the middle of the cake. Use cookie cutters in the shape of paisleys to create fondant shapes for the sides of the cake. Or, visit a bakery and share your daughter's favourite shades and patterns with the decorator so you can present the birthday girl with a unique purple plaid or hot pink argyle dessert at the celebration.

Fashion Birthday Cake

Bake a fashionable birthday dessert for your trendy daughter like a set of two loaf-shaped cakes iced in her favourite colour and accented with strips of liquorice to represent sandal straps 12. Or, purchase 16 small, circular cake pans, and ice them in a shade of white, pink or black to resemble a string of pearls --- and make an inventive and picturesque birthday cake 1. If a bakery is preparing your daughter's 16th birthday cake, let the baker know her favourite brand of clothing so the logo is featured all around the cake, or request a cake in the shape of a handbag --- the same actual handbag you've purchased as one of her birthday gifts.

Sports Birthday Cake

A birthday cake in the shape of a basketball and soccer ball is fitting if your teen is athletic and wants a celebration with a sports theme; adorn the ball-shaped dessert with the number "16" made of fondant to complete the cake decor 1. Or, visit your local bakery to have a professional baker create an icing image of your daughter's favourite team's logo, like a red bird with blue trim for the Atlanta Hawks or a cake in the shape of an eagle's head trimmed with black to represent the Philadelphia Eagles. It's also a good idea to give the bakery a photograph of your daughter in her gymnastics or basketball uniform so the baker can create a cake in the shape of your teen playing her favourite sport.

Car-Shaped Cake

Contact your local bakery to order a cake for your daughter in the shape of the car you're purchasing for her 16th birthday. Request that the fondant is coloured in the same shade as the actual car, and ask the baker to add impressive accents like tinted windows or shimmery exterior paint. Personalise the cake further by giving the bakery a picture of your daughter so the decorator can fashion her likeness in fondant to stand by the car. Arrange to hide the car keys inside the cake so that as you're cutting the birthday cake to serve to guests, you can present your daughter with the actual keys to her new car to create a 16th birthday memory she'll always cherish.