How to Use a Bumbo Baby Seat

By Kathryn Hatter

A Bumbo baby seat is a special seat designed for baby use. The Bumbo seat has a seat area that is lower than the leg openings. This means that a baby's lumbar region has proper support when sitting in the Bumbo seat. A Bumbo seat is a comfortable, portable, compact seat that many babies enjoy sitting in. With proper supervision, a Bumbo baby seat is a handy place for a baby to sit and watch the world.

Step 1

Place the Bumbo seat on the floor or the level ground. Test the stability of the Bumbo seat by pressing down on it with your hand to make sure that it does not rock at all.

Step 2

Place your baby into the Bumbo seat by placing his rear end in the seat area. His legs will extend out each leg area. There are no restraints on the Bumbo seat because it is designed to support a baby while in a sitting position, but not to restrain the baby.

Step 3

Supervise your baby at all times while the baby is in the Bumbo seat. Never assume that the baby cannot shift and overturn the Bumbo seat if he shifts with enough force. A baby that is big enough and active enough may be able to tip the Bumbo seat over.

Step 4

Take your baby out of the Bumbo seat when she fusses or indicate she is tired of sitting in the Bumbo seat.

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