How to Write a Tribute to Your Father

A tribute is designed to give heartfelt thanks to a person for his personal contributions to the lives of others. Children can write a tribute to their father while he is still living or after he is deceased 1. In either case, it should be personal and filled with details that outline his impact on their lives and the lives of everyone he touched.

Interview your father's friends and family. Uncover personal anecdotes about his life. Find out how he lived when he was with his friends, before he became a father, in order to paint a larger picture of his entire life.

Compose a short list of a few of your dad's most emotionally vulnerable stories. A tribute should expose a person's heart and the motives behind the choices that illustrate his character. Especially for men, the day-to-day decisions they make don't always create a complete picture of who they are and what is closest to their hearts.

Include in the tribute why your father made such an impact on his family and those closest to him. Dads don't always slow down long enough to hear the emotional responses of those around them. Verbalizing value and giving a heartfelt thanks to your father is the purpose of your tribute to him 1.

Pick a special occasion to present your father with his tribute, if he is still alive. Invite friends and family to participate in the event, so that they can laud praise on the man for all he has done. If your father is deceased, and the tribute is written posthumously, find a place to display it as a lasting testimonial to him and to the contributions he made to the lives of those around him.