Children's Activities on King Solomon

King Solomon, the son of King David, was touted in the Bible as being a wise king. Children can learn about Solomon by reading 1 Kings. Solomon is also credited with writing the books of Proverbs and the Song of Solomon, which is sometimes referred to as Song of Songs. Once children understand who Solomon is and what he is known for, parents can guide them through a series of activities.

Solomon Crafts

Solomon is anointed king at the end of 1 Kings 1. Children can take the time to create their own crown to remember the story of Solomon first becoming king. Cut a strip of poster board for each child and wrap it around their heads. Tape the crown in the back for the child so it will fit properly. Give the crown back and have the child cut out triangles to form points all the way around the crown. He can then decorate it with fake jewels, paints, stickers or globs of glitter. Back in Biblical times, people used a scroll to write on. Children can create their own scrolls by taking a piece of paper and painting some tea over it. This will stain the color of the paper to resemble what Solomon would have used. Wait for the paper to dry and then have your kids write a proverb on it 1. Now attach a wooden skewer to the top of the paper and secure it with tape. Repeat with a skewer on the bottom of the paper. Roll both ends of the paper in toward each other. You now have a homemade scroll.

Solomon Games

Solomon was known for making wise choices. To help kids understand this concept, you can engage them in a game. Fill one brown lunch bag with plastic spiders, another with a small, inexpensive prize, and a third with a packet of gum or other tasty treat. Now decorate the outside of the spider-filled bag so it looks fit for a king. The prize bag should be made to look unappealing, while the third bag is left alone. Ask your kids to select a bag. Once the children open the bags, they will see that even though something looks good on the outside, it isn't always the best option. Another game can also be used to drive the point home that we need to ask God for wisdom when making choices. Gather the children together and instruct them to toss their jackets in a pile on the table. Now take the kids aside and blindfold them. Give each child the opportunity to pick his jacket out of the pile. Chances are, most of the kids picked the wrong jacket. The point is, it is hard to make the right choice without the right guide.

Solomon Drama

In I Kings 3:16-28, Solomon was asked to judge a case of two women who each claimed to be the mother of a baby boy. He ordered the boy to be cut in half with each woman getting half of the baby. The real mother selflessly gave the child to the other woman in order to spare the child's life. Solomon was then able to tell who the true mother was. Have your children create a courthouse and re-enact this scene from the Bible. Another option is to have one of your children dress up like King Solomon and recite one of his many proverbs, or sing one the chapters of Song of Solomon.

Solomon Projects

Although King David created the plans and made the preparations, it was King Solomon who actually built the temple. According to scripture, he temple was rectangular and divided into three rooms. One room resembled a porch, another was for worshiping God and the final room was only for anointed priests to enter because God dwelt in it. Children can reconstruct the temple out of any materials found in the home. Legos, popsicle sticks and marshmallows are a few good options. Solomon also kneeled before God on an altar. Ask your children to create their own altar to pray on. They can do this with objects found in the home, or make a small replica of an altar out of modeling clay.

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