How to Throw a Spinning Top

A spinning top is a traditional toy that was dated to 3500 B.C. by archeologists who found clay tops in Iraq. In 25 B.C., Romans made spinning tops from bone. The toy resembles a cone, and, therefore, acorns are naturally occurring tops. Playing with a spinning top, including throwing it, is simple once you know the technique.

Wrap the top's string around the spinning top's anchor knot. The anchor knot is the end nodule on which the top spins. This task is part of winding the spinning top. To begin, hold the top's string in the same hand with which you write, and hold the top's widest end in your other hand. Then wrap the string around the anchor knot. Tug it firmly to ensure it is secure.

Wrap the string around the spinning top's body, moving upward from the anchor knot. The most successful spin is created by wrapping the string smoothly upward until it reaches the top of the spinning top 1.

Verify that the end of the string has a loop or button on its loose end.

Hold the end of the string's loop or button securely between the fingers of your dominant hand. Get a firm grip because dropping it will make your spin fail.

Hold the spinning top with the anchor point facing upward. While two of your fingers hold the string, grip the spinning top's body with the other fingers. You may rest it slightly in the palm of your hand.

Position yourself to throw the top. Place your hand that holds the top at your side, and hold it out by about 6 inches from your waist. Then bend that arm's elbow.

Throw the spinning top diagonally in front of yourself and toward the ground.

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