How to Write an Anniversary Speech for Your Parents

You may choose to throw your parents an anniversary party when they hit one of the anniversary milestones. Planning the party is the easy part. It is coming up with an anniversary speech that speaks to the heart that is difficult. You may have many wonderful memories and things you want to thank your parents for, but you aren't sure how to put that information down on paper. Do not fear. You can collect your thoughts and then arrange them into a touching anniversary speech.

Remember to write out your thoughts in a natural fashion. The speech won't sound like it came from you if you write it in a Shakespearean tone. You want to use words that people will recognize as the way you normally talk or they will think you copied someone else's speech.

Begin by recounting the story of how your parents met and fell in love. If you don't already know, find out how your mom knew that your dad was THE one. Then find out how your dad knew your mom was THE one. Share this experience with the audience. The audience will be intrigued to find out how the relationship got started.

Jot down some of the events in your parents' marriage that helped bring them closer together. Was it when you were born? Was it when your dad got a job in another city and your family had to move to a town where they didn't know anyone? Did they have a date night once a week to keep their romance alive? You don't need to include all of the events. Just pick one or two that you can talk about.

Add some ways that your parents show love and affection for each other. Does your dad lay a rose on your mom's pillow? Does your mom leave a love note in your dad's lunch box for work? Do they never leave the house without giving each other a hug and kiss goodbye, uttering the words "I love you"? Share these things in your speech so that they can inspire listeners to include them in their marriages. This will help make your speech memorable and inspirational.

Add a few small jokes in the speech. You might want to have one in the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. This will keep the listeners' attention. There is nothing worse than a boring speech. You want to catch the attention of the audience and make the speech something they will remember.

Share what you love about your parents and where you hope their life takes them in the future. This will touch your parents and end the speech on a happy note.


Keep your speech three to five minutes long. Practice the speech in the mirror with a timer to make sure that you are within the time frame.


There are many websites that sell speeches. Don't pay the money to purchase them. Your audience will be able to spot a fake speech. Your parents deserve a speech that comes from the heart.

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