How to Wrap a Baby Gift Without Using Wrapping Paper

Whether you are opting for an environmentally friendly gift or you ran out of your last roll of wrapping paper, you don't have to be the only guest to show up looking unprepared, and you don't have to spend your hard-earned money on wrapping paper that will be discarded just moments after presenting your gift. This time, get creative, go green and gift frugally with your favorite unique gift-wrapping solution 3.

Unfold a brand-new receiving blanket, and place the gifts on the blanket. Fold the blanket over the gifts neatly. Wrap a ribbon around the blanket from top to bottom and another from side to side, and tie the ribbons together in a bow to make an adorable and reusable gift wrap.

Place the gifts inside a diaper bag, and put a gift bow on top of the bag, or tie a ribbon in a bow around the bag's handles.

Find an adorable baby-themed cookie tin, and fill it with small gifts, such as pacifiers, diaper ointment and teething rings.

Place the gifts in a glass jar, and screw on the lid. Use double-sided tape to attach a small stuffed animal to the top, and tie a ribbon around the lid.

Pick out a memory box, and place the gifts inside. Now a mother has a beautiful place to keep all of her baby's first keepsakes.

Make your own wrapping paper. You can use an ordinary sheet of white paper, postal parcel paper or construction paper. Decorate the paper with hand-drawn pictures, stencils or pictures printed off the computer. You can use a picture of the mom-to-be, pregnancy belly pictures or baby-themed images or write well wishes all over the paper.

Wrap up baby washcloths like a bouquet if you're presenting Mom with these bath-time accessories. Decorate plain white paper with decals, stencils or freehand doodles. Roll up each washcloth, and pull the center of each roll upward to make it look like the top of a rose. Gather the washcloth roses together, and wrap the paper around the roses in a cone shape like a bouquet.

Wrap up receiving blankets or onesies to make them look like a giant sundae. Fold the blankets several times to make them thin and long, and then roll up the blankets together like a jellyroll. Pull the roll up in the center. Place the roll in a salad bowl or giant ice cream dish, and place a red pompom in the center to make the sundae's cherry. Slide a large plastic serving spoon in the bowl, and voilà -- receiving blanket sundae.

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