Woody Doll Instructions

The Woody Doll is a product patterned after the main character in the popular "Toy Story" trilogy of films. This cowboy doll comes in several models ranging from simple to complex. Some Woody dolls have little to no function, while others can talk, change parts and sense movement. With the showing of "Toy Story 3," Woody dolls have become more advanced than ever 1. Remember to use caution when giving toys with detachable parts to young children.

Turn the Woody doll on to "Play Mode." Turn him around, unhook his shirt in the back, and click the switch to "Play Mode."

Pull the string in his back to hear him say phrases from the movie, such as “You’re my favorite deputy.” Talking Woody dolls come with dozens of phrases.

Remove Woody’s hat to hear him say phrases like “Whoa! I think the wind just took my hat.” Replace the hat to hear him say phrases like “Well hey howdy hey, I got my hat back!” This feature is only available in the "Toy Story 3" Play-Time Sheriff Woody Doll, and similar models.

Take advantage of the rag doll articulation. Move Woody around by bending his flexible limbs, rotating his swivel hands and his head.

Turn Woody’s switch to "Off" to save battery power and stop him from talking when the string is pulled or the hat is removed. Keep him in his original package or a doll-stand while not in use to preserve his quality.


Do not give a doll with removable parts to children under five years of age.