Western Boy Names

If you are overwhelmed by the vast amount of baby boy names out there, consider choosing a Western or "cowboy" name for your son. "Many of today’s parents are cruising baptismal lists from the1800s for inspiration," said AmericanCowboy.com's Philip Armour. "Part of the reason for this is that the 1860s, thanks, in part, to the Homestead Act, were a time of hope, when folks moved west to be independent and to give their kids a better life."

Baby Name Genie

The website BabyNameGenie.com allows parents to share baby name ideas. Parents may also choose to use the site to ask for input on their name selections, as the website offers a forum-style discussion board 1.

SheKnows.com Suggestions

SheKnows.com suggests that most Western names come from two sources 2. Some names are inspired by famous cowboys that really existed such as outlaws Frank and Jessie James, or the Earp Brothers, Morgan and Wyatt. Sheknows.com offers a wide selection of Western names, along with their meanings, such as Cole, which means "of a triumphant people," according to the site 2.

Baby Center

A portion of the popular parent advice website, BabyCenter.com, offers another forum-based "community," in which parents from all over the nation and world can discuss options for Western baby boy names 1. Some suggested names include:

  • Sawyer
  • Wayne
  • Carter
  • Kitt
  • Lane
  • Dallas
  • Carson
  • Lariet
  • Bronson
  • Beau

Site membership is free, and offers a space for parents to discuss names with one another and browse through name ideas.

American Cowboy

Parents can find an assortment of Western boy names -- along with their origins and meanings -- on AmericanCowboy.com. Names include Levi, Zack, Clayton, Ty, Waylon, Maverick, Zane or Clinton/Clint. The site also suggests seeking unique western city names, like Austin and Dallas, or names like Jasper, Colt and Wes/Weston. According to the site, more unique suggestions include Angus, Ned, Oakley or Winchester/Chester.