How to Use Curtains to Separate Kids' Rooms

If your youngsters are sharing a room but need their individual space, a curtain room divider can quickly give each child the privacy they want and bring peace and harmony back to the home. You can coordinate the curtain colors and patterns to blend in seamlessly with the room, and even have the kids help out to personalize the decorative peacemaker. On those rare occasions when the kids aren't engaged in a quarrel-fest, they can pull back the curtains and enjoy having a best buddy in the room.

Measure the width of the room and pick up a double ceiling-mount curtain track according to the measurement. You can use a double, flexible curtain track to create bends and curves along the track to make the divider more interesting. If you have rival siblings, you might have to measure out the curves down to the inch to make sure each child has equal space.

Drill pilot holes in the ceiling and install the ceiling track according to the manufacturer's instructions, using the mounting hardware included with the track.

Calculate the curtain size you will need. To determine the total width of the curtains, multiply the width of the room by 2. To determine the length of the curtains, measure the distance from the curtain track to the floor. Subtract about an inch to prevent the curtains from dragging along the floor 1.

Pick out two sets of unlined curtains. By installing two sets, each of your children can help personalize her space and neither of them has to look at the back side of the curtains.

Hang the curtains with curtain clips, ensuring the curtain backs are facing inward and the good sides are facing toward each child's side of the room.

Help your kids personalize their space even more by decorating the new room dividers. You can pick out silk flowers together and sew them onto the curtains 1. With the double-layer of curtains, no one will see the stitching on the back of the fabric. You can trace your children's hands on different colored pieces of felt, cut out the shapes and sew these to the curtains. Other customized curtain decorating ideas include ironing on your kids' favorite sports emblems, clipping different size butterfly clips to the curtains or letting your young artists transform the curtains into masterpieces with fabric paint.


You can use curtain rods with panels or tab-tops to separate the room instead of a curtain track. Install two rods side-by-side to avoid one child having to look at the back side of the panels, and let each child help pick out the curtain panels for her side of the divider.