How to Untangle Your American Girl Doll's Hair

Your doll's hair looks realistic, soft and beautifully styled. Surprisingly, even gentle play with your American Girl doll can produce bad hair days. A few wardrobe changes in a long play session tangle a doll's hair. Fortunately, the hair is resilient and responds to appropriate interventions. Although your hair and your doll's hair collect tangles, the doll's hair is a synthetic wig. Haircare products, procedures and appliances that solve your bad hair day can wreak havoc on your doll's hair.

Place the doll in a doll stand. The stand secures the doll and leaves your hands free.

Separate the doll’s hair into sections. Work on one section of hair at a time and place the remaining hair up with hair clips.

Unclip one section of hair and mist it with plain water. Lift the hair and lightly mist the water on the underside of the section. Hold the top of the doll’s head with one hand. Begin gently brushing tangles out of the bottom two inches of hair. Work the brush through the next two inches of hair. Continue to work the brush up the section of hair, until no tangles remain.

For resistant tangles, mist the hair section with the spray detangler. Use the metal-tined comb to untangle the doll’s hair.

Allow the hair to air dry 12. If your doll’s hair appears dull, pour a nickel-sized amount of baby oil into your hand, rub your hands together and work the baby oil into the doll’s hair.


Brush and shake out the doll's hair periodically. Protect your doll’s hair from the drying effects of ultraviolet light.


If your doll has curly hair, do not use a wig brush to untangle the hair. Use a metal hair pick to untangle one ringlet at a time.

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