How to Troubleshoot Ride On Toys

Young kids love ride on toys, but when the toy just won't budge, a fun time can quickly turn into a toddler meltdown. Ride-on toys, whether manually operated or electronic, can become stuck for a variety of reasons. Luckily, most issues are likely a quick fix. If a child's ride-on toy is just not working correctly, there are things you can do to get it riding smoothly again.

Visually inspect the underside of the toy vehicle to see if there is anything interfering with the spinning function of the wheels. Outdoors, things like sticks or twigs can jam up the wheels and keep them from turning. Inside, things like a stray sock or even a piece of paper can lock the wheels 1. You may need a flashlight to look underneath the carriage on motorized ride-on toys.

Check the steering column to make sure it turns freely. If a screw becomes lose or falls out, it can make the ride-on toy impossible to steer. Use a screwdriver to fasten any loose screws.

Take a look at the pedals and make sure they move freely. Some ride-on toys have pedals that must turn in order to move the toy. If something is blocking the mechanism that turns the pedals, it would need to be removed.

Replace or charge batteries on a motorized ride-on toy, if it doesn't power on. Electric ride-on toys, like the Power Wheels, Fisher Price and Little Tykes electronic vehicles run on batteries 1. In some cases, the batteries may need to be replaced. Other electronic ride-on toys may just require a battery charge.


Make sure kids have an area free of obstacles when playing with ride-on toys.


Avoid using ride-on toys on gravel, sand or surfaces that are not smooth. Debris can become lodged in the toy and jam the tires.