How to Do a Toddler Ballerina Bun

Your toddler's hair can be difficult to deal with. Quite often, toddlers have fine, limp hair, which makes certain hairstyles difficult to maintain. Unless you have a youngster who has grown a thick head of hair, you're going to have to fudge a little bit on the traditional ballerina bun style. If you are struggling with the traditional ballerina bun, these tips may help.

Sneaky Hair Help

  1. Brush your youngster's hair upward above the crown of her head. Secure it in a high ponytail with an elastic hair tie. You can secure the bun high on her head for a more contemporary bun, or you can follow the traditional bun style — brush your child's hair toward the back of her head, in between her crown and the nape of her neck, and secure the elastic hair tie there.

  1. Slide a hair donut over your child's hair and over the top of the elastic hair tie. A hair donut is a foam chignon ring that is round and made from a fluffy, spongy material that provides fullness. You can pick one up at most beauty supply stores.

  1. Wrap your child's hair loosely around the hair donut to form the bun. This tactic will also keep the hair accessory out of sight. Tuck the ends of your child's hair beneath the donut and secure any hair stragglers with hairpins. Spray a small amount of hairspray to secure fly-away hair.

Au Natural

  1. Brush your child's hair toward the crown of her head and secure it with an elastic hair tie.

  1. Spray a light coat of hairspray down the length of your child's hair. Use a flexible hold spray so you can keep working with her hair. If she squirms when you apply the hair spray, keep in mind that you can always go without.

  1. Separate the length of your child's hair gently with your fingers. At this point, her ponytail should be wide. Twist the length gently, keeping as much width as you can. Twist the hair three of four more times.

  1. Wrap the twisted hair tightly around the hair elastic at her crown. Coil it around the elastic until it forms a neat bun. Stick in a few hairpins as you go to secure the coil. Tuck the ends of her hair under the bun and secure with one more hairpin.

  1. Spray a little hairspray on the bun and then have your child shake her head a bit to make sure the bun is secure. Find the source of any loose areas, and add extra hairpins.

  2. Tips

    If you are having a hard time securing the bun, cover it with a ballet bun hair net and secure with hairpins.