How to Throw a Diaper & Baby Wipe Shower

Babies go through hundreds, if not thousands, of diapers and baby wipes -- and they aren't cheap, either. While throwing a shower filled with tiny clothes and fancy baby gear is enjoyable, a diaper and baby-wipe shower is far more practical, especially if mom-to-be already has one or more children 1. Throwing a diaper and baby-wipe shower is simple to pull off, and the expecting mom will appreciate the stockpile of essential supplies 1.

Send out diaper-themed invitations. Customize invitations by cutting out diaper shapes to write the party information on. Or, choose invitations featuring diaper pins. There are also a variety of diaper-shaped invitations available online. Include instructions on the invitations so guests know to only bring diapers and wipes -- not traditional baby shower gifts 1. Encourage guests to wrap the diapers and wipes so mom-to-be still enjoys the fun of opening gifts.

Decorate the party area according to your theme. Include a diaper cake as a centerpiece by stacking diapers into three tiers and tying them together with ribbon to resemble a cake. Include "diaper flower" arrangements. For this idea, wrap small disposable diapers around wooden skewer sticks then wrap a clear elastic band around each diaper. Fill several vases with your diaper flowers and arrange them around the party area.

Play diaper-themed games. Hang a large paper cutout of a baby on a wall, and blindfold guests for a game of pin the diaper on the baby. For another game, have guests race against each other to see who can correctly diaper a doll the quickest. Another idea is to let each guest guess what brand of diapers she thinks is the most absorbent. Ask the mom-to-be to pour a glass of water into several diapers, each one a different brand, to see who has the correct guess.

Provide diaper-themed snacks and drinks. Frost cupcakes with blue or pink frosting and adorn each with a diaper-shaped cutout from an edible sugar sheet or rolled fondant. Roll out sugar cookie dough and use a sharp knife to create diaper-shaped cookies. Bake the cookies and frost them white. Make traditional pigs-in-a-blanket with a twist -- instead of rolling the dough around the hot dogs, manipulate it around hot dog halves to resemble a diaper.