Thomas the Train Track Assembly Instructions

Thomas the Tank Engine is a fictional character originally featured in the children's books "The Railway Series" by Wilbert Awdry and his son Christopher Awdry. Thomas was then popularized in the children's TV series "Thomas and Friends", which helped catapult the franchise into merchandising. The franchise now has action figures, books, movies and train play sets for fans of the series. The Thomas play sets can contain many pieces and be quite confusing to assemble. Each set does come with its own assembly instructions, but if they are misplaced it can be a nightmare to try to reassemble the track as intended.

Thomas the Train Track Assembly Instructions

Separate and place the track pieces on the floor or table in front of you. Read in the instruction manual to verify how many pieces were included in the set and count to make sure you have all of the pieces required to assemble the set.

Flip the track pieces over and put them in order by the number printed on the bottom of each piece. If you have the instructions available, they will detail exactly how to place the pieces together. If you do not, you will want to snap the pieces together in their numbered order.

Assemble the riser and lift parts that attach to the track to give it hills and curves. Many of the track sets come with multiple types of riser and lift parts in varying heights that need to be positioned around the track. The instruction sheet will show which part should be used where and how it should be attached.

Gather and assemble any decorative pieces to be attached to the track. Depending on the Thomas the Train track set you are assembling, there may be one or more of these decorative elements to be assembled and attached to the track 1.

Test the track by running the train several times. Testing the track will help you determine if all of the track pieces are snapped together securely and are assembled in the correct order. This will also test that all of the lift pieces are assembled correctly and installed in the right location.


Parental supervision is advised when children are playing with toys that have small parts which can be a choking hazard.