Things to Do at a Sleepover for Teenagers

Hosting a slumber party for teenagers may make you wonder how to fill the time, since your guests may not actually slumber. Planning a theme party makes it easy to provide age appropriate, safe and positive activities to help ensure that everyone is part of the fun and has a great time 2.

Hawaiian Luau Party

Invite your teen guests to sleepover island style. Dress can include grass skirts or tropical shorts and don’t forget the leis! You can purchase costumes from a party store, or provide supplies and let your guests create their own. Turn your outside party area into a tropical island with tiki torches, totum poles and silk tropical flowers. Guests can graze at a buffet table filled with tropical fruits such as pineapple, coconut, papaya and mango, centered around an iced bowl of fruit-filled tropical punch. Serve drinks in coconut cups and top with a tiny festive umbrella. Fire up the barbie for an Hawaiian Kalua pig roast, baked Mahi Mahi, or teriyaki chicken or beef. Play outdoor games. Lawn Chair Volleyball String a line or net and place lawn chairs on each side. Use a large beach ball and invite guests to play, using the same rules as volleyball, with a slight catch: players must stay seated and cannot stand up. Coconut Bowl and Roll Create a start and finish line and have teen guests stand at the start and try to roll the coconut over the finish line in a specified number of rolls. The player who crosses the finish line wins. Use pineapples as bowling pins and use a coconut as the bowling ball to knock over as many pins as possible.

All-Star Party

Teens love to watch movies at sleepovers, so add a Hollywood twist to a home theater theme by asking guests to dress up as their favorite movie stars. Let them create their own personal pizzas by providing mini pizza dough and a variety of toppings, such as:

  • peperoni
  • cheese
  • mushrooms
  • peppers
  • pineapple

Offer an ice chest full of beverages and soft drinks. Keep the fun going with an outdoor show, printing scripts from popular teen movies and having teams choose a scene to reenact or spoof. You could print up awards for most creative, or funniest, for example, and have a celebrity awards ceremony afterward. Take pictures of the evening’s events and have guests create their own digital all-star scrapbook. Then invite guests to settle in for all-night movies and popcorn.

Fiesta Party

Decorate with sombreros, flowers, Mexican blankets, maracas and cacti to set the perfect sleepover setting. Compliment with non-alcoholic fiesta beverages, such as sangritas, mock margaritas, or watermelon aqua fresca. Bring the festivities outdoors and invite guests to create traditional Mexican luminaries and use battery operated tea lights to ensure safety. Line the party area with the luminaries and play traditional fiesta music while guests take turns hitting a piñata.

Campfire Camp-Out Party

Teen guests can sleepover in pop-up tents, or make tents with blankets and sheets indoors or out, weather and safety permitting. Set the scene with a campfire and serve soft drinks as guests roast hot dogs and create s’mores. Before dark, invite guests to sit around the campfire and play **games like "Truth or Dare" or "Would You Rather." After dark is the perfect time for hot cocoa and sharing ghost stories.