Things to Build Using Mega Bloks

With a bin full of blocks, there’s almost no limit to the creative playtime your children can enjoy. Mega Bloks are brightly colored, interlocking blocks that are a bit bigger than other brands of interlocking blocks -- just right for little hands. The over-sized prongs also make it easy for youngsters to snap blocks together. The more Mega Bloks on hand, the bigger the structures your child can build.

Kid-size Fort

Although Mega Bloks are similar to smaller interlocking blocks, these blocks are large enough to build major structures that your child could use for play, including a fort. Build 3-foot-high pillars out of the Mega Bloks. To ensure stability of the fort, make the pillars at least 6 inches in diameter. Place pillars at the four corners of the fort, spacing them approximately 5 feet apart to create a snug fort. Drape a blanket over the pillars and watch your child enjoy the fort for quiet play, reading or even napping.

Obstacle Course

Physical, or locomotor, movement is important for developing gross motor skills, says Sean Brotherson, a family science specialist with the North Dakota State University Extension Service. Jumping over and crawling around obstacles can provide beneficial physical activity for youngsters. Help your kids build an obstacle course out of Mega Bloks. Create towers of interlocking blocks in varying heights, some 1 to 2 inches high and others as high as 8 or 10 inches. Build a bridge that’s large enough for children to crawl under. Place towers of three to five Mega Bloks in a row to create a slalom for children to run through, weaving in and out of the towers. Time them as they progress through the course to see how long it takes them to complete it.


Your child's other toys can be part of the fun with a dollhouse constructed with Mega Bloks. Build three walls with the blocks, approximately 2 to 3 feet high. Build a floor for the house and rest a sheet of brightly colored cardboard over the structure as a roof. Help your children make furniture for the house with the remaining blocks, including a bed, chairs and a table. Once you’ve constructed simple furniture, arrange it neatly in the house and let the dolls or stuffed animals move into their humble abode.

Life-sized Statues

If you have lots of Mega Bloks, you have the makings for the construction of a kid-sized statue. Snap blocks together to make a pair of shoes and then change colors to work your way up, creating "legs;" height will depend on how many blocks you have. Once you finish the legs, change colors again and work on the midsection of the statue, adding more Mega Bloks until the statue is as tall as desired. Add arms in the same color, hanging down at the statue’s side. Finish the statue with a head. You could even top your statue with a baseball cap to finish the design.