Teen Lock-In Activities

Lock-ins provide an all-night safe haven for children, whether it is for a birthday party or church event. When planning a lock-in for teens, you can plan a few activities to prevent boredom and keep the teens entertained throughout the night. With a few activity ideas and some supplies, you have everything you need to create a memorable lock-in for teenagers.

Hide and Seek Activities

If you have a large group, select two players to be “it.” Have the “it” players count to 50, while all other players hide. The first two players the “it” players find are the new “it” players for the next game. For a variation, play a backwards game of hide and seek 1. Select one player to be “it.” Have all the other players hide their eyes and count to 50. The “it” player must go hide. All other players will try to find the “it” player. When a player finds the “it” player, they must quietly hide with him. The last player to find the “it” player is the “it” for the next game.

Easy Activities

The teens can play an easy game of newspaper throw. Draw a line down the middle of the room with masking tape. Divide the teens into two teams and have each team stand on one side of the line. Give each team the same number of newspaper sheets. When you say “Go,” the teens must crumble up the newspaper and toss it to the other side of the line. The object of the game is for the teams to try to toss all the newspaper balls to the other side of the line. The team with the least amount of newspaper balls on their side wins the game. For a variation, hang a sheet over the line so players have to toss the newspaper balls over the sheet. You can also use the sheet as a volleyball net and play a game of indoor volleyball using a beach ball.

Funny Games

Have the teens sit in a circle and place inflated balloons in the middle of the circle. Write down several funny things for the teens to do on slips on paper and place one piece of paper in several inflated balloons. One at a time, a teen must come to the middle of the circle, get a balloon and pop it. She must do what is on the slip of paper to earn a point. For example, she might have to stand on her head for 30 seconds or quack like a duck. The teen with the most points at the end of the game wins 1. For another funny game, play farm animal charades. Divide the teens into two teams. Write several farm animal names on index cards like pig, cow, chicken and snake. The teens have 30 seconds to act out the animal and have their team guess the correct animal. The team with the most points wins the game.

Memory Games

Ask the teens to sit in a circle and select one player to go first 1. That player must say, “I am going to the grocery store to buy a **.” If he says “apple,” the next player must say, “I am going to the store to buy an apple and** _.” Each player must repeat all the items stated by other players in the correct order and add his own. If a player messes up the order or says an incorrect item, he is out of the game. The last player to remember all of the items in the correct order wins the game. For other variations, the teens can say items they are taking to a beach or items they want to buy at the mall.