Confirmation Games for Teens

Confirmation is a sacrament for already baptized teens, intended to give them strength and courage to behave as a good Christian. Preparation usually involves a class and reviewing the scripture. Adding games to confirmation preparation can help teens work off nervous energy while still teaching and reinforcing the lessons of the Bible 2.

Body of Christ

You'll need six teens to play this game. Have them clear any obstacles out of the way since you need a large open area to play this game. Read 1 Corinthians 12 to remind the teens that they are a part of the body of Christ. Now divide the group into body parts 1. You'll need two people to be the legs, two arms, a mouth and eyes. The objective is to get across the room acting as their body part. That means that the teens who are legs can touch the ground with their feet, the hands can only touch the ground with their hands, the mouth can speak and the eyes can see. Blindfold the rest of the group or have them shut their eyes. In the end, the legs should find a way to carry the rest, the eyes should navigate and find a way to convey directions to the mouth while the arms can open the Bible. If there are enough teens, make multiple groups and have them race. The first group to open a closed Bible to 1 Corinthians 12 wins.

Human Knot

If you have a group of 10 or more, this game teaches them about the importance of communication and working together to achieve goals. Everyone stands in a circle and uses their right hand to take the hand of the person across from them. They then hold left hands with someone else on the other side of the circle. See if the group can untangle without letting go of hands. It can be tricky so give lots of time for this game. Read 1 Corinthians 12 to teach the teens that they are a part of the body of Christ. Discuss how hard it was to untangle without good communication and encourage a discussion on working together as a community to spread God's message.

Walk in the Dark

Confirmation often happens at a time when teens begin to have questions about their faith and their relationship with God. The Walk in the Dark game is a good starting point for a conversation about having faith in the guidance of someone you can't see. This game works best when you play it in a home at night. Divide the teens into groups of three. They will walk, one behind the other, through the dark home. The person in the middle will be blindfolded and have to rely on the guidance of the player in front and behind to navigate around obstacles. After the first trip, the blindfolded person must try and navigate the same course alone. Have the teens switch roles so everyone gets a turn to be blindfolded.

Meet Saints

During the time leading up to confirmation, some teens may have trouble choosing a patron saint for their confirmation name 2. A fun game may help teens get into the shoes of a possible choice. All you need for this game is a pile of name tags, markers and a pre-game homework assignment. Have each participant research a few saints -- their personality, good works, etc. Have them write each saint's name, along with the details they found, on an index card. Drop all the cards in a container and have each teen pick a card. Although the teens should keep their saint's name a secret, make a list of the saints chosen and write each saint's name on a name tag. The teens should mingle, acting like the saint stated on their card. Based on prior knowledge, the group should try to guess who's who after a few minutes. When they think they know, they can place a name tag on the other person. When all the name tags have been placed, take a poll to see how many saints were guessed correctly.

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