Teen Games to Play at the Beach

The beach is a blast for most teens, especially if they can go with their friends. Whether your teen is having a beach birthday party or just wants to bring a bunch of friends along for a beach day, plan a few games that get the kids active and engaging in teen-friendly competitions.

Sport Games

Bring a volleyball with you to the beach so the teens can play on the beach sand courts, if any are available. Many beaches on the east, west and Gulf of Mexico coasts offer beach volleyball courts. The teens can play single games or the best out of three, for a more tournament style competition. The teens can also engage in touch football, which is a lot more strenuous in the sand. Other sport activities to consider for teens is throwing a flying disc and soccer.

Sand Relays

Play a series of competitive and silly relay races with the teens divided into two teams. Bring a bunch of props, sand pails and other items that can help you create fun relays. For one relay, you could have the teens line up at the water's edge, enough so that everyone's feet are covered in water. The first teens runs toward the dry sand and must fill a bucket with sand, then run back to his team. The second person runs to a farther point and fills a bucket of sand and so forth. The first team to have all of their buckets filled with sand wins. You could also have spring relays from the boardwalk or beginning of the sand all the way to the water's edge.

Sharks and Minnows

The classic sharks and minnows game is a children's game, but is a lot harder in the sand and more competitive with teens. One person is designated the shark and the other teens are minnows. The shark chases the minnows and tries to tag them. The minnows must stay within a designated area. If the shark tags someone, they turn into sharks and help the original one catch the other minnows. The last minnow standing is the winner. For another activity, tell the teens that whenever you blow a whistle and yell "sand dune," they must stop whatever they are doing and try to make a human pyramid on the sand, but they only have 90 seconds to do so. If they are successful, hand out a special prize, like $5 gift cards. Give the teens several opportunities throughout the day to try to create the pyramid successfully.

Sand Castle Competition

Divide the teens into pairs for sand castle building competitions. Let the teens know they will have to do better than the little sand pail castles they made when they were young. Encourage the teens to try to come up with the biggest, tallest or most detailed sand castles, which the adults will judge. Bring along plenty of sand castle pails, shovels, large paint brushes, and any other gardening or kitchen tools that you think the teens can use for their sand castles. Award a prize for the top three sandcastles.