Technology Gifts for Teens

If your teen seems to have a technological device permanently attached to his hand, you may have a technophile on your hands. Most teens enjoy a chance to use technology 2. In the modern world, letting your teen interact with technology is a smart way to prepare him for the future, and giving a technology-related gift is one way to accomplish that goal.


At the time of publication, approximately 47 percent of all teens who own a cell phone have a smartphone. If your teen is in the remaining 53 percent who don't have one yet, a smartphone might be a gift worth considering. Not only will your teen be able to call you and talk to her friends outside of school, but smartphones serve a variety of educational purposes. Most have a calculator, and many have graphing calculators as well. Your teen can download apps that help her forecast the weather, practice math skills and catch up on current events. Smartphones can also access the Internet and email, which can be a convenient way for your teen to stay on top of her studies and extracurricular responsibilities.


Your teen likely is assigned homework that requires research, and the Internet makes research easily available to teens 2. Not surprisingly, 95 percent of teens use the Internet, according to the the Pew Research Center 2. Many teens also enjoy playing games and chatting with friends online, and a new computer is a good way to help your child pursue these activities. If you do give your teen a computer, consider making it a gift to the entire family or requiring him to use it in a public location in your home, such as the kitchen or living room. This helps you keep tabs on your child to ensure that he's using the computer only for age-appropriate purposes.


Tablets are larger than smartphones and smaller than laptop or notebook computers, making them a portable device for your teen to take to school and other activities. The Pew Research Center notes that 23 percent of teens own a tablet-type device. If you can trust your teen to use the tablet for appropriate purposes, it makes a sought-after gift. Most tablets allow your teen to access the Internet so she can study and communicate in any location. Your teen can also download books to her tablet, as well as a wide variety of apps that can help her stay organized.

Additional Gifts

Video game consoles are common among teens, especially boys, and a new system is sure to please your teen. If your child already has a game console, a few new games make a good gift as well. A device that allows your teen to download his own music is another technological gift that many teens enjoy. You might consider a device that allows your teen to do karaoke on his portable music device, "PC Magazine" recommends. Gift cards to download music or apps are another welcome gift for many teens.