What Are Teenagers Interested In?

Children are prone to be lazier during their teen years, according to a 2008 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association 1. Most interests for teenagers center more on relaxed activities such as Internet use and video gamess. Culture change, media influence, social ideologies and family structures influence the many interests held by teenagers today. Parents are increasingly noticing common trends in the hobbies enjoyed by their teenage children.

Social Networking

Social networking is a key interest for teenagers witnessed by their subscription to various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, MySpace and Twitter. A 2008 research during a MacArthur forum conducted by Danah Boyd— senior researcher at Microsoft Research—revealed that teenagers do not view social networks as an avenue to network and build contacts but rather a place to chat and hang out with their friends. The social networks of teenagers consist of friends and other peer groups who socialize and share information.


Music is the most common form of entertainment for teenagers according to a 2008 Global Habbo Youth Survey published by Sulake. Pop music is the most favorite genre; rock, electronic music and hip hop are also other favorites for youth. Music remains a unique form of identity, for teenagers, connecting them with each other and separating them from their parents and older generation. Following the lives of musicians and remixing videos are also popular activities. Other entertainment hobbies include playing video games.

New Experiences

The hormonal and behavioral changes characteristic of teenagers give them a sense of maturity. Most teenagers are eager to explore new interests, and parents notice many teenagers shy away from childhood tendencies. Examples of experimental interests among teenagers include sex and substance abuse especially alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana; such interests are usually propagated by curiosity and peer influence. Trying out new and trending fashions is another common activity for many teenagers.

Physical Exercises

According to a 2008 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, children engage in less physical activities during teen years 1. Many teenagers who participate in physical exercise usually engage in an activity that they currently like or one they enjoyed since childhood. Common physical activities for teenagers include dancing, skating and swimming. Some teens enjoy organized games such as basketball, football and tennis.

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