How to Teach Children to Respect the Community

Teaching children to have respect for the community is an important part of their development. Cultivating these positive attitudes early will increase the likelihood that children will continue their efforts into adulthood. Whether it is about keeping an area clean, attending community events or working to affect change, children can easily get involved with the help of adults.

Participate in community events. In most communities, parades, community clean-up days and holiday functions are routinely scheduled. Getting the whole family involved is a great way to spend time together as well as show children the importance of community pride and respect. Parents can set an example by volunteering to be on the steering committee for such events and allowing older, well-behaved children to attend committee meetings.

Show by doing. When you display respect for the community, your children will learn by example, according to Taking care to recycle and reduce waste, for example, teaches your children the importance of such actions in regard to the environment. They will place high value on respecting the community and will follow your lead.

Go to government meetings. City council meetings are where things about your community are decided. Explain the process to your children 1. Have them choose a community issue they care about and take them to see the issue debated and voted on. Watching this process as they grow older will give them a better understanding of how local government impacts the community.

Volunteer as a family. Many local organizations have volunteer opportunities. Take your children along to help and let them see firsthand where their efforts are working. Make them part of the process by giving them a voice about when and where your family will volunteer.

Educate them about diversity. Communities are typically comprised of different cultures and ideas. Discussing these differences and seeking out opportunities for your children to experience different community cultures can teach them to respect the community as a diverse population.


Attend local high school sports events to get your children excited about community.


Broaden your children's education to also include larger communities, such as the state, the nation and the world so they do not become narrow-minded about anything outside of their own area.