How to Sterilize Sippy Cups

As a parent, you always take precautions to protect your child from harm. However, something your child uses daily has the potential to affect her health adversely. A sippy cup is exposed to various germs and bacteria with each use. Keeping your child's cup sanitary is vital to protecting her from germs that cause viruses and disease. Cleaning and sterilizing your child's cup does not require any special tools or exorbitant amounts of time.

Rinse the cup in cold water to remove any liquids or residue 1.

Dissolve the dish soap in a sink of hot water per the detergent's directions 1. Remove the cup's top and submerge both pieces in the soapy water.

Use the dish towel or sponge to thoroughly wash the cup. Wash the interior and exterior of the cup and lid. Wash every crevice and completely rid the bottle of any odor or residue.

Run the cup and lid under clear, cold water to rinse it clean and remove all of the soap 1.

Fill the pot with water. Submerge the cup and lid in the water. Place the pot on a stove burner set on medium-high heat. Allow the water to come to a boil.

Leave the items in the water for 10 minutes after the waters starts to boil. Do not let the items come into contact with the bottom of the pan.

Turn the pot off and allow the water to cool. Use the tongs to remove the cup and lid from the water. Place the items on the drying rack to dry.


Sterilize your child's cup every day.

If a sippy cup is used by more than one child, sterilize the cup before giving it to the other child.