Playtex VentAire Instructions

The Playtex created the VentAire Advanced bottles to help reduce the air introduced into a baby’s formula during feeding 123. The bottle contains a venting system to allow air into the bottle from the end rather than through the nipple. This design not only prevents a vacuum from forming inside the bottle, but also eliminates air bubbles inside the milk. In turn, the reduction of air in the milk helps prevent painful gas and colic in babies. Playtex VentAire Advanced is available in standard for infants and wide for newborns 123.

Assemble the bottle 3. Place the vent inside the end ring and screw it onto the flat end of the bottle. Once filled with liquid, place the nipple through the nipple ring and screw it onto the angled neck. The unique design of the VentAire bottle allows for the bottle to stand upright without leaking 3.

Warm the formula. Playtex recommends that the formula be warmed up separate from the bottle 3. However, the VentAire Advanced bottles should be compatible with a bottle warmer, as long as you follow the bottle warmer's instructions 123. Be advised that the VentAire Advanced line of bottles have not been extensively tested with bottle warmers 123. Test the bottle's integrity, before giving it to your baby.

Hold the baby in an upright or semi-upright position. The angled neck of the VentAire bottle allows greater comfort for you and baby while feeding in an upright position 3. This position helps prevent gas and ear infections.

Disassemble the bottle for cleaning. Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles are dishwasher safe 123. Remove the nipple from the nipple ring and the vent from the end ring before placing all parts of the bottle on the upper rack of the dishwasher. If you prefer to wash the bottle by hand, allow the pieces to soak in warm, soapy water for at least one minute. Dry all pieces thoroughly before reassembling.


Only use nipples specifically designed for VentAire bottles. Other nipples allow air into the bottle through the milk, increasing the baby’s risk of gas.

Substitute Playtex Drop-Ins NaturaLatch nipples on the VentAire Advanced wide bottle, if desired. However, the standard bottle will only accommodate VentAire standard nipples.

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