Help for Single Dads in Las Vegas

You can find help emotionally supporting your child.

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse reports that in 2012 there were 1.96 million single fathers in the United States. If you're one of these parenting dads, or know someone who is, finding help when it comes to emotional and financial support as well as child care issues is often a challenge. Single fathers who are living in Las Vegas can get help parenting or find camaraderie from one of the local groups and organizations.

Custodial Connection

If you're a Las Vegas divorced dad who currently doesn't have the custodial rights that you want, you can find help getting time with your children. The Equal Rights for Divorced Fathers organization helps single dads to re-establish or establish their parental rights to custody. You can find help navigating the court system, get a referral to an attorney or get information on paternity testing. Additionally, this Nevada-based organization has weekly support and educational meetings for single dads. Another avenue to try is the Clark County's Family Mediation Center. As part of the county's family courts, the FMC is a first step to work out custody cases, before a court date is necessary.

Making Connections Online

Single dads who aren't sure where to find other dads in the area, or other single parents, to connect with can make connections online. The website provides links to single parent groups for divorced parents and those seeking help going through legal matters in Las Vegas. You can also get direct links to meetups, or group meetings for single parenting dads. The National Center for Fathering also provides online assistance and connections to support groups for divorced or single dads in the Las Vegas area.

Mental Health

Parenting isn't easy, especially when you are doing it alone. Single dads in Las Vegas who need psychological or emotional support from a trained professional will find an array of mental health options. For example, ABC Therapy offers behavioral help as well as anger management classes and family counseling services. Additionally, there are a number of family therapists and counselors in the Las Vegas area that provide services for dads or couples who are undergoing separation issues. The National Center for Fathering provides a listing of therapists in the area that offer counseling for single dads.

Positive Parenting

Parenting classes aren't just for moms-to-be. Although much attention is focused on the mother, single dads must often play both roles. This turns understanding child care and child development into a priority. Single dads in Las Vegas who are in need of help when it comes to caring for a child can take advantage of the free family services classes that Clark County offers through its Parenting Project. Classes cover different stages of the child's life and include topics such as baby care, parenting children ages 5 through 10, parenting youth ages 11 through 17 and coping in a blended family.