What is the Pay for Foster Parents in Missouri?

Missouri foster parents are paid based on the number and ages of foster children in their care and, in some cases, based on the children's special needs.

Foster parents in Missouri provide a service critically needed by their communities, families in crisis and especially children who need a safe and loving home. Missouri foster parents receive maintenance reimbursements based on the number and ages of the foster children in their care. This payment is intended to cover the needs of the child, including everything from room and board to their incidental needs. The payments are monthly and pro-rated if the foster child wasn't living in the home the entire month. Foster parents who have been specially trained may receive additional reimbursement for fostering children with special needs.

Maintenance Reimbursement

Foster parents with infant foster children, defined as birth to 3 years old, receive an additional $50 infant allowance to offset the additional expenses associated with children of this age, such as:

  • diapers
  • formula
  • baby supplies

Clothing Allowance

Missouri foster parents receive an annual clothing allowance in addition to the maintenance allowance to help offset the cost of the foster children's clothing. At the time of this publication, the clothing allowance is:

  • $250 for children from birth to 5 years old
  • $290 for children from 6 to 12 years old
  • $480 for children 13 years old and older

Youth with Elevated Needs

Some foster children have needs above and beyond typical childcare. These may include counseling or transportation to court, and sometimes a foster parent's testimony regarding progress. They're often related to significant behavioral problems. Foster parents who have been specially trained and who take in children with elevated needs may receive compensation of $754 per month for Level A children or $1504 per month for Level B children. This is instead of, not in addition to, the standard maintenance allowance. The Missouri Department of Social Services determines whether a child qualifies as a youth with elevated needs and at which level.

STARS Professional Parenting Payment

Foster parents who participate in the STARS program -- Specialized Training, Assessment, Resources, Support and Skills -- may be eligible for an additional $100 per month Professional Parenting Payment for each foster child. The STARS program provides training in foster parenting skills such as alternative discipline methods. The payment is designed to help foster parents offset costs associated with family support of the children's natural or permanent adoptive families, court hearings and training expenses. The payments are discontinued when a permanent placement is achieved for the children or if the foster parents fail to meet the state's eligibility requirements, including 30 hours of training.

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