Housing Assistance for Single Fathers With Children

If you're a single father who's struggling, housing assistance may be an option you should look into.

Housing grants

If you are pretty content with where you live but can't make ends meet, a housing grant may be your best bet. A housing grant is a voucher that normally comes monthly, covering a portion of your current rent. These can be perfect for the father that just needs a helping hand, and falls within a certain income bracket. Normally those on low to moderate income will be eligible for some amount of grant, but these vary but state.

Public Housing

If you are in need of housing, your town or state should have options available. Public housing can range from apartments to single family houses that are discounted in both rent and utilities, giving a single father a chance to work and save money. Public housing is given based on income and need, in this case it would be for a family consisting of a single father and his children.


Keep your tax and income for the past two years available when you are meeting with your local housing authority 1. Assistance for housing tend to be very strict with income and number of people living in their facilities, so honesty is key here. Applications can also take months until they are accepted, so having a backup plan in the meantime is essential.

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