How Do Silicone Nipple Covers Work?

Silicone nipple covers work in much the same way that vinyl window cling pictures work 1. They are flesh-colored silicone shapes that can be applied over nipples to disguise large or erect nipples when wearing clothing that precludes wearing a padded bra or similar undergarment. Applied on clean dry, skin, they adhere gently and can be pealed off, washed and reused at a later time.

Using Silicone Nipple Covers

Tube tops and low-cut summer dresses don't fit well over an ordinary bra, and strapless bras have a way of sliding down, threatening to become a belt instead of support in the appropriate area. Silicone nipple covers serve the dual purpose of modestly covering your nipples and also provide some protection from fabric rubbing against sensitive skin 1. However, perspiration or a loose top can encourage the cover to peel away from your skin, and possibly even fall off. Silicone nipple covers are best used with a tight top that will help hold them in place 1.

Silicone Nipple Shields

Nursing mothers sometimes use nipple shields for a variety of reasons. Your baby might have trouble latching on or have grown accustomed to a bottle, you might have extra sensitive or tender breasts or you might have inverted nipples. A nipple shield fits over the nursing mother's nipple and clings to her breast 1. If it does not want to stick, moisten the edges slightly. The shield holds the nipple erect and has small holes in the tip to allow milk to flow through so the baby can drink. Milk puddles in the tip of the shield so that babies who have a hard time nursing can access it immediately.

Weaning Baby From a Nursing Shield

When baby and mother are more accustomed to the nursing process, or the condition that required the shield has been overcome, it is time to remove the shield. According to an article from Medela, a breastfeeding equipment supply company, it is best to simply discard the cover and spend some extra time with your baby 3. Cutting the tip of the shield might produce sharp edges that could hurt the baby or even you when baby tries to nurse.

Silicone Nursing Pads

Silicone nursing pads are inserts that can go inside your nursing bra to protect your clothing from leakage. They are adhesive-free and can be hand washed in soap and water after use. They do not require lotions or creams. They work by keeping pressure on the nipple and by providing a moisture-proof barrier between your breast and your clothing. They are handy for working moms who need to pump or spend their break times with baby.

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