Service Tips for a Child's John Deere Gator

The John Deere Gator is a 12-volt motorized vehicle for children. It includes a working dump-truck bed and a tailgate, similar to the full-size John Deere Gator. Designed for children ages 3 to 8, the vehicle has automatic brakes, cup holders and adjustable seats. The battery can be recharged after every use. Several things can be done at home to service the John Deere Gator, saving the time and expense of taking it to a retailer.

Battery Maintenance

Although products made by Peg Perego tend to be maintenance free, battery maintenance is important. The battery should never be recharged for longer than 24 hours because the battery could be damaged. The battery should not be recharged for less than 16 hours because this will shorten the life of the battery. Batteries should not be stored in extreme temperatures and should not be placed on concrete while charging. Charge the battery every day after the vehicle is used.

Replacement Parts

Some parts can be purchased directly from Peg Perego through its Web site. For a more complete list and questions about specific parts, call a customer service representative at 800-728-2108. Retailers authorized to sell Peg Perego products, such as the John Deere Gator, will also have access to replacement parts. Peg Perego does not typically sell products on its website, so to purchase a brand new John Deere Gator, you must visit an authorized retailer.


After repeated use or after sitting in the garage all winter, the John Deere Gator might not turn on or operate at all. If this happens, check the battery’s fuse. A burned-out fuse will prevent the battery from charging. The fuse can be replaced with a 40-amp in two-speed vehicles. Follow the John Deere Gator’s instruction manual for specifics on changing the fuse and other battery-related questions.

Speed Variations

Occasionally two-speed vehicles such as Gator get stuck on high speed. To troubleshoot the problem, lift the wheels from the ground, checking to see if both turn as the gas pedal is pressed down. Look at the wires connecting the motor to the wheel if only one wheel is turning. Unplug and replug the wires to make sure the connection is secure. Test the wheels again to see if both turn. If the wheels are turning in opposite directions, reverse the wires.

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