Seaside Children's Activities

If you take a trip to a seaside beach with your family, you will want safe seaside activities for your children 1. While you gather sun screen, life jackets and beach toys, consider seaside carnivals, hotel pools and kids activities that could be safer for kids that playing in the surf. Regardless of what activities you choose, supervise your kids to keep them safe.

Ages 5 to 7

Kindergarteners to kids age 7 could enjoy playing in the shallow water where the waves aren’t high enough to knock him down in the water. Your child could enjoy building sand castles and forts on the beach and decorating the castle with shells, seaweed and other items found on the beach. You can get your child to pose for pictures with the sand castle or playing in the surf to send to Grandma. Using a nontoxic school glue, he could glue a few sea shells and beach items on the lid of a box to give to Grandma or to take home to remember his fun day on the beach.

Kids 8 to 9

Kids ages 8 to 9 could feel more secure playing in the surf. Your child could search tidal pools for small marine animals with you, although you want to ensure your child is careful to pick up only shells and small animals you say are OK. Your child could bury you in the sand or run up and down the beach playing with a ball, flying disc or kite while you participate or observe. Some seaside attractions will allow kids to ride bikes, skateboards or skates on wooden or paved areas. If the area offers boat rides, you could ride together to see what marine animals you notice playing in water, feeding the birds or animals or try a little fishing off the side of the boat. Remind your child to wear a life preserver while on the boat.

Kids 10 to 11

Kids ages 10 and older could decide that digging in the sand or sticking to the shallows is for little kids, so they might challenge the waves. Set clear limits on how far your child can go out and keep an eagle eye to ensure your limits are kept. Your older kids might enjoy organized sports such as beach volleyball or skateboarding. If your kid gets too warm on the beach, he could look for an arcade or other business where kids congregate. Join him, though, if he leaves the beach.

Family Fun

Many seaside areas have installed businesses that cater to families. You could play beach golf or swim in a pool instead of in the surf. Some areas have summer carnivals that provide entertainment for visiting families, offering rides such as:

  • bumper cars
  • arcade games
  • swings
  • spinning cups
  • mini roller coasters

These options could cost you more than playing on the beach, but the variety of activities could entertain your kids for several hours.