What Type of Services Does a Day-Care Center Provide?

Services provided by day-care centers help parents select the appropriate facility for their children. These could include after-school hours or options for late-night services. Beyond the times available, day-care centers have games and toys for children to play with, and provide a safe environment and early education options.

Types of Centers

Day-care centers vary in type and one of the main services provided is the care of children while parents are away. Day-care centers offer drop-in or part-day, full-day, after-school, night and extended-hour care options.

Care of Children

The care of children in the center varies depending on the age group 1. Services provided at centers that cater to infants and toddlers would include feeding, changing diapers and playing with the babies. For older children, services often include reading stories, starting early education, playing with the children and meeting the children’s basic needs while parents are at work.

Toys and Games

Any day-care center should include toys, games and playing options, regardless of the ages of children. The types of toys and games available will differ for each center. For example, some centers might have a playground while others do not. Playing is important for children’s needs, so a center provides toys, games and activities for children that are age appropriate.


Parents should ask about the policies set forth by the center. Ask about about services for children who are sick, or whether you are allowed to visit during the day. Ask whether workers take preventative measures to prevent the spread of infections such as sanitizing toys. See that safety measures such as CPR training and childproof settings are taken.

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