How to Get Rid of the Lint on Fleece Baby Clothes

Those cute, fuzzy fleece baby clothes may keep your little one warm and cozy, but they also tend to develop lint pills over time as the fibers break and twist onto themselves. To safely and effectively remove those pesky lint balls, you can try several different tactics. The good news is that it should cost little more than a couple dollars and a few minutes of your time to get your kiddo’s clothes looking refreshed and lint-free.

Lay the clothing flat on a sturdy surface. Hold a lint roller by the handle and roll it back and forth over the lint area. Flip and do the other side of the clothing.

Rub a microfiber eraser sponge firmly back and forth over the lint area. The lint balls should rub right off. This type of sponge is usually used for removing stains, fingerprints and stuck-on dirt from household surfaces.

Wrap some masking or duct tape around the four fingers of your hand a few times, sticky side out, or on the outside of a rolling pin. Press the sticky tape surface against the lint-infected area of the fleece or slide it across the surface. The tape will grab the lint balls and pull them off the fabric.

Run the screened area of a fabric shaver or sweater shaver over the lint to safely shave it from the fleece 2. You can find these handy devices, which feature a screen with tiny holes, at your local fabric or department store.

Hold a sweater stone or pumice stone firmly in one hand, then rub it across the lint balls. The sharp edges of the stone’s surface will catch the lint and pull it off the garment. Don’t worry; it’s not sharp enough to harm you while you’re using it.


Only wash baby clothes with other baby clothes. Don’t include fuzz-inducing items, such as towels and wash clothes, as these may be the main cause of your lint problem.

Wash your baby’s fleece clothing inside out to reduce lint pills from forming on the outside.

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