How to Remove a Pedal Assembly on a Kid's Bike

Most people think that removing a pedal assembly on a kid’s bike is a lot different than doing the same process on an adult bike. Removing the pedal assembly is a bit tricky, but it can easily be done with the right tools 1. Since the pedal axles are usually made of steel and the crankarms are aluminum, there is the possibility that you'll be dealing with stripped pedal threads. The pedals of a kid’s bike are often tightly attached to the bike’s crankarm, making the removal of the assembly a bit of a challenge 1.

Remove the protector cap of the crankset with a flat-headed screwdriver 1. Pry off the crankset’s plastic protector cap at the crankarm’s axis 1. Kids’ bikes have crankarms that are attached to a spindle that turns through the center of the bottom bracket.

Loosen the left and right pedals of the bike by turning the wrench clockwise while positioning its mouth around the nuts and bolts. The nuts and bolts can be found near the spindle, with the hex bolt threaded straight into the bike’s spindle or onto a bolt that is running directly through the spindle. The wrench should be turned toward the back of the bike 1.

Align your wrench along the bike’s crankarm to achieve optimum leverage. This will help you push toward the crankarm.

Thread the large end of your crank extractor tool into the spindle’s crankarm. Tighten as far as you can in order to seat it against the spindle.

Turn the bike’s crank extractor core, directing it to the large end and tightening it with your wrench.

Use your wrench to push the crankarm loose from the bike’s spindle by turning the core bolt that's on the core extractor area.


Use a pedal wrench with a long handle so that you can easily loosen the pedals of your kid’s bike. You can attach a “cheater” bar to your wrench using a piece of pipe if the wrench is not long enough.

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