Red Carpet Event Ideas for Kids

By Rosenya Faith
Have everyone's parents snap photos of the red carpet walk.
Have everyone's parents snap photos of the red carpet walk.

Impress the crowd with celebrity-worthy glitz and glamor and make every child feel like Hollywood royalty. Whether your young movie enthusiast is celebrating a birthday or you’re arranging a slumber party for the big, red carpet event, wow your guests by incorporating the red carpet into every aspect of the party. It might just be you’re your youngster’s most memorable event yet.


You can make the invitations for your child’s red carpet event from red card stock and a calligraphy pen or use yellow card stock instead and cut the invitations into star shapes. Alternatively, look around for inexpensive DVD covers or some old film canisters and place an invitation inside along with a little confetti or small, metallic stars. You can hand out party invitations that look like admission tickets to the cinema or make movie posters starring your young guest of honor, with the party information along the bottom in place of the credits. Instead of having your guest show up in ordinary clothes, include a note in the invitations encouraging your guests to dress fashionably.


Start off with the most important decoration for a red carpet event -- a red carpet. You can look for a red carpet remnant or use any type of red fabric and run it down the length of your front yard walkway. To make the carpet look even more authentic, rent posts and velvet ropes to run along either side. You can hang clapboard signs on the party room wall along with posters of your child's favorite movies. Suspend star-shaped balloons from the ceiling and string white twinkling lights around the room, too. If your budget allows, look for some full-size cardboard cutouts of famous movie stars, set them up around the room and use them in photo shots later. Decorate the party tables with rich, red tablecloths, use imitation awards for table centerpieces and sprinkle metallic stars down the length of each table. Enhance the decor by playing a collection of movie theme songs in the background through the event.

The Arrival

As each of your guests arrive at the party, be ready with a camera and have them walk the red carpet. Encourage them to use their imagination and give each child the opportunity to star in the spotlight with an interview at the end of the red carpet. Set up a video camera and interview your guests with questions such as "What was your favorite leading role?" "What made you want to become an actress?" and "What's next on your movie-making agenda?" Make a recording of the red carpet interviews to play back at the end of the event and send each of your guests home with a copy, too, so they can look back at the party for years to come.


If you're having your guests show up in evening attire, encourage them to dress up like their favorite film star and start the party with an icebreaker guessing game. Alternatively, you can make up name tags with famous movie stars’ names and attach one to each guest’s back as they arrive. Now the kids can mingle and ask questions to figure out which famous name is on their name tag. Incorporate a party craft into the event, too, by having each guest make their own "Walk of Fame" paving stone. When you're hosting the party on the evening of the big, red carpet event, start the party off with a guessing game, giving each guest the opportunity to guess the winners of the night. Check back later to see which guests were correct. Throughout the party, you can organize a game of movie trivia, having the kids compete in teams or individually.


Serve a variety of hors d'oeuvres -- or finger foods -- at your child's party to make the kids feel a little more grownup. Fill a tray with cheese, crackers and cold meats, another with slices of fruits and vegetables, and another with miniature bagels, flavored bread sticks, pizza tarts, mini quiches or corn dogs and tea sandwiches. For beverages, pick up a package of plastic champagne flutes and serve your guests sparkling water, fruit juices or soda pop in elegant stemware. You can make a movie-themed cake for dessert, such as a slab cake cut and decorated like a clapboard, serve individual goodies, such as chocolate-dipped strawberries or star-shaped cupcakes or cookies, or go decadent with treats like chocolate and caramel tarts, miniature black-bottom cheesecakes and truffles.

About the Author

Rosenya Faith has been working with children since the age of 16 as a swimming instructor and dance instructor. For more than 14 years she has worked as a recreation and skill development leader, an early childhood educator and a teaching assistant, working in elementary schools and with special needs children between 4 and 11 years of age.