Really Fun Outdoor Party Games for Teens

Throwing a party for your teen and her friends might leave you worried that your ideas won't be exactly what your child has in mind. Skip the games for smaller children, including hide-and-seek, and choose activities that are more adult 1. Your teen will thank you and the entire group will have a blast.

Water Games

While a good old-fashioned water balloon fight will entertain teens, more organized games can be equally enjoyable. Have a bucket and sponge race. Divide the teens into two teams and give each team an empty bucket, a bucket filled with water and enough sponges for each player. See which team can transfer all the water into the empty bucket using only the sponges. The teens might also enjoy filling their sponges and seeing who can throw theirs the farthest. Sprinkler tag might intrigue the guests, too. One teen is it and tries to tag the other players by spraying them with a sprinkler attached to a garden hose. The last person to be sprayed becomes the new it and another round begins.

Ball Games

If you have the equipment for a game of basketball or volleyball, most teens are willing to form teams and play, but having a few balls on hand can inspire many other entertaining games, too. Set up a few empty soda bottles and milk cartons and give the teens a large ball so they can play an outdoor version of bowling. As an alternative way to play, have the teens become the pins and if they're hit with a rolling ball, they're out. The last person to be out becomes the new bowler for the next round. Divide the teens into two teams and set them up on opposite sides of the yard. Give each team four large cups and four balls that are big enough to sit in the opening of the cups without falling inside. Each team should also have a flying disc. The object of the game is to be the first team to knock all of the balls off the cups using only the flying disc and by taking turns so each player each gets one throw at a time.

Games for Teams

Divide the teens up into two or more teams and distribute a list of items they might find outdoors, such as pine cones, sticks and rocks, and challenge the teams to see who can find all the items first. Write the lists with descriptive words, such as gray rock or 12-inch stick, to make the scavenger hunt more challenging. For another team game, split the teens into two groups and have each team assemble on one half of the play area. Give each of the teams a small beach ball and challenge them to keep it in the air using only their feet.

Additional Games

Organize a few messy competition games perfect for playing outside. Hide 10 gummy candies in each of several pie plates filled with whipped cream. The object of the game is to be the first teen to find all 10 gummies using only her mouth. For an even messier game, see which teen can stay the cleanest after all the pie plates filled with whipped cream have been thrown at one another. Obstacle course relay races and jump rope competitions are additional ideas to keep teens entertained at your outdoor party.