Pump in Style Vs. Pump in Style Advanced

The Medela Pump in Style has been on the market since 1996 1. The electric double pump allowed working moms to discretely pump at work and helped moms who could not breast feed by offering a way to conveniently get breast milk to their newborn.

Pump in Style

The Medela Pump in Style is a portable double breast pump that is encased in a black shoulder bag 1. The pump motor is located on the lower side of the bag and is accessible through a flip down side that doubles as a work surface for holding bottles and accessories while pumping. From the motor, run two tubes that attach to the breast shields and bottle. The motor creates a vacuum and draws out the breast milk. The top of the shoulder bag holds pumping supplies and a cooler bag with ice pack for storing breast milk.

Pump in Style Advanced

In July 2006 the Pump in Style Advanced replaced the Pump in Style 1. All of the accessories were the same but the style of the bag was changed and offered in a backpack, shoulder bag and a metro bag. The tubing was also changed from PVC to silicone, a change that affected the Pump in Style original in 2005.


The Pump in Style Advanced is the new version of the Pump in Style 1. They both have the two phase expression technology which allows the pumper to control both the speed and strength of the vacuum. The Pump in Style original is no longer available for purchase new and Medela recommends that its pumps remain single user only, so buying a used pump is not recommended 1.