Projects for an Elementary School Reading Fair

Chances are your child spends quite a bit of time reading, both at school and at home. Reading short stories or novels is part of most classroom curriculums across the country. Some schools host a reading fair and students present projects to share what they've read and demonstrate their understanding of it 1. Making reading fun is an ideal way to motivate kids to enjoy opening a book, even if it's not an assignment.

Poetry Reading

Writing and reading poetry is a unique way for kids of all ages to share their creativity with friends and family. A group of chairs grouped around a microphone creates a cozy place for children to read their poetry. Serve hot chocolate and cookies or punch and brownies afterward. Keep the poems short so attention doesn't waver and kids aren't stuck reading something really long. Haikus or short rhyming verses work well.

Story Boards

Displaying a storyboard created by each student gives parents and other students the chance to hear and see about books they haven't read. Tri-fold presentation boards work well for the project. Students can use colored paper, crayons, markers, scissors, glue and other art supplies to illustrate key elements of the story or book they read. The storyboard can include the title, author, characters and plot, using both text boxes and pictures. Arrange the storyboards on tables in a large room and let students stand with their board and answer questions or talk about the book.

Story Hour

Older kids who read to younger kids boost their skills and expose little ones to a variety of reading material. Story hour is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Arrange a large grouping of pillows in a classroom or gymnasium and have older kids create invitations to send to younger students. Allow the readers to choose age-appropriate stories and put together a schedule of who reads what story and when. Let the kids wear pajamas and serve popcorn to make the event more enjoyable. If the younger kids are able to read, allow them to narrate a story or two to the older kids.

Choose a Theme

Some teachers assign reading of a particular genre. If this is the case, it's fun to carry the theme to the entire reading fair. Fantasy, science fiction, humor and mystery serve as good examples for potential themes. Coordinate the book fair area with decorations to match your theme and have students help set it all up. Serve snacks that go with the theme as well. Allow students to dress as a character from their book during the fair and play matching music in the background.