Project Ideas for Mom's Birthday for Kids

Celebrate the most important woman in your youngster's life! Whether Mom is a gardener, avid shopper or nature enthusiast, you can help your child surprise Mom with a one-of-a-kind birthday gift that comes straight from the heart. While these homemade gifts are inexpensive to make, they'll become priceless treasures that Mom will never forget.

Coupon Clipping

Coupon books might not be the most original gift, but this one definitely is unique! While Mom could always use some help around the house or a dinner she didn't have to prepare, what she might love the most is some special one-on-one time with her child. Create a coupon book full of mom-and-me dates that aren't just for her birthday -- she can redeem them any time of the year. Help your child fill a coupon book full of activities, such as a movie night at home to watch your collection of home movies or an afternoon of collage making from pictures in all of your photo albums. Add a picnic lunch in the backyard, an afternoon hike in a nearby conservation area or a mom-and-me window shopping trip to the mall. Encourage your child to use Mom's interests to assemble the perfect coupon book.

Operation Goodies

Help your child surprise Mom with some special birthday treats. You can make a batch of sugar cookies and use heart-shaped cookie cutters to make each one. When the cookies have baked and cooled, spread different colored royal icing on the cookies, let it dry and then pipe candy heart messages on the cookies, such as:

  • "You're Sweet," "I Love You"
  • "Hug Me." If Mom is a gardener, bake her a few sweet flower pot cupcakes

Bake an ordinary batch of chocolate cupcakes and place each one in a miniature terracotta flower pot. Spread chocolate icing on the cupcakes and sprinkle chocolate cookie crumbs on top. Slide a cut straw in the center of the pot and drop a single flower into the straw. Other birthday goodies to make include cookies cut to spell out, "MOM," a chocolate chip cookie bouquet or miniature cheesecakes cut into heart shapes.

Hand Prints

Help your child make an adorable keepsake hand print for Mom that she'll treasure for years to come. You can flatten out a slab of salt dough and have your child press her hand in the dough. When the dough hardens, decorate it with paint, glitter and glue or imitation gemstones. Alternatively, roll out the dough to about 1/2-inch thickness and have your child place her hand gently on top. Trace around her hand with a fondant vein tool or plastic knife and paint the hand print when it hardens. You can also help your child make hand print picture frame magnets from poster board. Just trace around her hand on two pieces of poster board, cut out the shape and make a hole in the center of one. Insert a picture before gluing the layers together and glue a magnet on the back. Make a hand print bouquet from the poster board hand prints instead. Just attach a chenille stick stem to each one and wrap a ribbon around the bunch.

Project Spa

If Mom looks like she could use an extra special break on her birthday, help your child treat her to a luxurious spa day at home 1. Make bath salts from a cup of Epsom salts, a 1/2 cup of kosher salt, food coloring and essential oil, or a moisturizing facial mask from 1/4 cup honey and half of an avocado. Have your child decorate some little glass or plastic jars to hold each of Mom's pampering goodies with ribbon, paint or fabric.