Portrait Ideas for a 3-Month-Old Baby

You can document the changes in your baby's first year by taking photos of him each month. Many parents take monthly photos at home; others have professional photos taken. You want the photos to capture your baby's personality. Three-month-old babies smile and coo, and most hold their head up when they are on their tummy. Your baby is sure to show his best side if you do a photo shoot when he's well-rested and happy.

Tummy Shots

Lay your baby on her tummy and get a few shots with her holding her head up. You can choose to take photos of her looking straight at the camera or looking ahead or to the side. Experiment with different angles until you find one you like best. Smiling photos are always cute, but you may be surprised how cute a serious face or even a crying face can be.

Prop the Baby Up

Use a Boppy Pillow or a similar pillow covered with a blanket and prop your baby up into an almost sitting position. Make sure that he is steady and cannot fall. Shoot a few photos of your baby in this position. Add a toy as a prop, if your baby is able to hold a toy in his fist. Tucked next to your baby, a stuffed animal is also a cute prop.

Naked Baby Photos

Taking naked photos of your baby is a matter of preference. You may want to take pictures of her backside or some with the baby in only a diaper. You can pose the baby lying on her tummy or propped up on pillows with a blanket strategically placed. You may want to take a few of these photos to save for yourself rather than display them.

Body Part Photos

Isolating single body parts makes for cute baby photos. Take a picture of his chubby fist grasping a rattle or your finger, or his feet cupped in your hand. A close-up of his mouth, nose or eyes can be stunning if done correctly and with the right lighting.

Baby and Family Photos

Photos with Mom, Dad or siblings can be sweet at 3 months. Catch loving expressions between Mom and baby or Dad and baby. Capture smiles when older children make the baby laugh. Baby photos with the family pet can be endearing as well.

Other Photo Ideas

Use different backdrops to get unique shots. Black or white backdrops add a professional look; printed blankets or outdoor shots can give photos a more casual, carefree feeling. Add favorite toys, blankets or stuffed animals to document your baby's preferences at this time in her life. Choose simple outfits that don't detract from the subject.