Photo Shoot Ideas for a Teen Girl

When girls become teenagers, a variety of moments warrant a photo shoot 2. From birthdays to school events, you may find yourself scheduling multiple photography sessions for your teen. Capture her beauty and personality by coming up with photo shoot ideas that reflect her interests, hobbies, dreams and feelings.

A Garden of Dreams

Have your teen dress up in a whimsical dress and gloves, as if she is going to a high tea. Use a garden filled with assorted flowers as background decor. Select a location that is also equipped with a fountain, for additional scenery.

Sugar and Spice

As the saying goes, little girls are made of “sugar and spice, and everything nice,” and so are teen girls. Arrange a photo shoot setting filled with cupcakes and candy, all in the teen's favorite colors and flavors. Set up a dessert buffet display in the background and photograph her playfully throwing items from the buffet or placing candy into small plastic bags and looking as if she cannot decide which items to select.

Sweet Sixteen

Whether your teen girl is planning to have a huge sweet 16 bash, or a casual night out with friends, schedule a photo shoot to capture special moments from the birthday. Take pictures at the party venue before guests arrive, near her cake and the main table, or if there will be games, hire a photographer to arrive early and snap some shots of her playing, ordering food or hanging out with her friends.

Sporty Girl

If your teen girl plays sports or she is a member of her school's dance troupe or cheerleading squad, have her wear her uniform and hold her props in poses. Arrange to use her playing field or school gym for the shoot so that she can be in full motion while the camera snaps.

Back to Basics

A teen girl's photo shoot does not have to include many props and fancy clothes; sometimes, it is important to get back to basics with a simple shoot that features your teen girl in natural makeup with a flattering hairstyle. Help her select her wardrobe, including her favorite jeans, a white T-shirt and her favorite pair of boots, designer tennis shoes or heels. Photograph her in front of her school, sitting at the bus stop, hanging out in the backyard or at her favorite after-school hangout.

Best Friends

Invite your teen's best girlfriends along for a group photo shoot, which will give her a memory she can hold onto forever. Have the girls dress in matching outfits. Present a framed photograph to each young lady as a graduation present at the end of the school year.