Photo Ideas for Newborn Twins

All parents want to capture the preciousness of their newborns on film, but the parents of twins have two babies to consider 1. You want to celebrate their individuality, and, yet, you can't deny the cuteness that twins radiate. Whether you are hiring a professional photographer or want to take your own photos, you should have an idea of the results you desire.

Womb-Like Snuggles

Your twins spent nearly 40 weeks nestled together before birth, so consider posing them cuddled together. Side-by-side pics are cute, but take some creative shots, as well. For instance, you might arrange their bodies in a yin-yang-like circle, with each twin's feet at the other's head, or rest the first sleeping baby against the back of the second. You can also wrap their arms around each other or snuggle them cheek to cheek.

Put in Props

Try using the same poses and incorporating props 1. Wrap each one in a different color of gauzy fabric and snuggle them together. Nestle them together in an oversized coffee cup, plant pot or wicker basket lined with a fluffy blanket. Top their little heads with hats with animal faces and create a setting to match, such as a soft nest for two little birds or a lily pad for baby frogs.

Make Them Matchy

Dressing your babies alike can be part of the fun of having twins. Whether you want to pose your babies in little matching knit caps and their birthday suits or you choose to go all out and deck them out in the same outfits from head to toe, the results will be adorable. Alternatively, dress them in the same clothing or accessories but with different colors, or find different outfits made from the same fabric.

Family Members Matter

Include the entire family in the photo shoot. If your new twins have older sisters or brothers, pose them holding and watching or kissing their new sibling pair. Create a sweet family shot by placing a baby in each parent's arms and asking mom and dad to kiss. Mother-and-child pictures are often family treasures. A new mom dressed in white on a downy comforter cradling a baby in each arm can be ethereal, especially in black and white.