Party Supplies for a Child's Fishing Trip Theme Party

The next best thing to taking your young fishing fanatic's party group on a fishing trip is bringing the fishing trip to the party with plenty of themed supplies. You can plan an inexpensive birthday celebration for your young fisherman that will provide each party guest with lake-sized fun to keep them talking on the playground for weeks to come 1.


Introduce the theme to your child's guests with custom party invitations 1. Pick up some inexpensive fish stuffies and use ribbon to attach a card stock tag with the party details, or opt for miniature plastic fishing rods and attach the card stating the party details to the end of the plastic hook. You can also send out invitations that guests can wear to the party. For example, purchase ordinary fishing hats and write the party details on the hat, using nontoxic fabric pens 1. If you'd rather make invitations that you can send in the mail, cut out fish shapes from construction paper and have your child decorate one side with markers, paints or glitter and glue. Write the details on the other side and send out your fish-themed invites 1.


Transform the party room into a river or lake teaming with fish. Hang fish-shaped balloons from the ceiling, cut out fish shapes from construction paper to hang on the walls and use large fish stuffies or inflatables to decorate the center of each party table. You can rent a real canoe or rowboat to place in the corner of the party room and leave toy fishing rods hanging over the boat's sides. If you're hosting an outdoor party, fill a few small wading pools with floating toy fish and miniature rowboats. Whether you're hosting the party indoors or out, make a large “Gone Fishing" sign to display on the front yard. You can make the sign from wood and paint the words across the front, or use a wooden sign pole and a large sheet of card stock or poster board instead.

Activity Supplies

Incorporate the party's theme into each of your party activities 1. Gather supplies for a fishing game, including an inflatable pool, floating fish and magnets to glue to each fish. Make fishing rods from wooden dowels, string and magnets, and have the guests try to "fish" for a prize. Present each guest with an ordinary placemat along with nontoxic fabric pens or markers. Have the group transform their placemats into decorative fishing scenes to take home after the party 1. If you can find some inexpensive children's fishing vests, have the kids decorate these instead 1. No fishing trip is complete without a tackle box full of supplies. Have each guest decorate a small box with paint, stickers or craft foam shapes and fill the boxes with fish-shaped sugar cookies for the kids to take home.


Stick to a fishing theme when choosing foods for the party. For example, serve tuna sandwiches cut into fish shapes with cookie cutters. If tuna isn't a favorite food among your guests, make any type of sandwich and use the fish-shaped cookie cutters. Cut up slabs of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon with the cookie cutters, too, and pick up fish sticks and popcorn shrimp to complement the theme. Fill every guest's drinking glass with large fish-shaped plastic ice cubes and serve a fish-shaped birthday cake or cupcake pull-apart cake for dessert. You can top each one with fish-shaped gummy candies or draw fish shapes on the cupcakes with pastry bags filled with icing.