Party Ideas for 2-Year-Old Girls

At the age of 2, little girls are walking, talking and steadily developing their own personalities. When planning a party for 2-year-olds, keep their interests and cognitive abilities in mind 2. For example, while it would be appropriate to plan a birthday party around the birthday girl's favourite cartoon character, it would likely be inappropriate to plan the party at a skating rink. With that said, there are lots of options for party themes for 2-year-old girls 12.

Princess Party

Many little girls are into princesses, so consider throwing a princess party for the 2-year-old girl in your life 1. Ask the guests to dress in princess costumes or have costumes on hand for them to change into when they arrive. You could also give each girl a tiara as she arrives at the party. Play games with a princess theme, such as Pin the Tiara on the Princess, serve a cake shaped like a princess's tiara and screen a movie that has a princess as a main character. The little girls will enjoy feeling like they are princesses for a day.

Bouncy House Party

Although some people might think that little girls are delicate, they still like to play. Consider throwing a bouncy house party for the 2-year-old in your life 12. Rent several bouncy houses from a local party supply centre, such as a simple bouncy house anda house that incorporates a slide and other features. The little girls will be able to jump in the houses all afternoon and have fun being active.

Water and Sand

When you are throwing a party for a 2-year-old girl in the summertime, consider planning it outdoors to take advantage of the warm weather 1. Purchase several children's pools and set them up in your backyard. Fill several pools with water and some with sand. Ask the party guests to dress in their swimming costumes and let them play in the sand and water. Place some water toys in the pools, such as floating ducks, and some buckets and shovels in the sand pools. The children can move back and forth between the water and sand to feel like they are spending a day at the beach.

Arts and Crafts

Many little girls enjoy creating things, so consider throwing an arts and crafts party for the 2-year-old girl 1. Plan a few arts and crafts activities that all the little girls will be able to handle. For example, pass out small terra cotta pots and let the girls paint them with designs of their choice. Once the pots are dry, help them plant flowers in their pots. You could also give each little girl a T-shirt and help her decorate the shirt with paints, beads, sequins and other embellishments.