Party Favor Ideas for 11-Year-Old Girls

Your tween is turning 11 soon and she can't wait to have her friends over for her birthday party. First, she needs to decide on a theme for her party. Then, you can get busy planning. You'll need decorations, food, cake, beverages, activities and of course, fun party favors for the guests to take home.

Makeover Party Favors

For a makeup party, treat each of the girls to a small makeup bag. Fill each bag with items such as:

  • nail polish
  • fingernail stickers
  • lip gloss
  • blush
  • eye shadow
  • a compact mirror
  • some makeup brushes

Character Theme Party Favors

Your daughter may have a favorite character or show that she wants to use as her birthday party theme. This could be a cartoon character, movie, television show, celebrity or band.

Purchase or create a small bucket that matches the theme for each girl in which to hold all the party favors. Alternatively, buy some small canvas bags and let your daughter paint or decorate them.

You can even have matching T-shirts made for each party guest.

Baking Party Favors

Give each party guest some baking tools to use during the party and to take home with her, such as:

  • a chef's hat
  • whisk
  • spatula
  • pot holder
  • cookie cutters

Have personalized aprons made for each girl with her name on it, so everyone can wear them while they bake.

Pool Party Favors

Rent a local swimming pool or have a pool party at home if you have your own pool. With this type of party, have a beach or Hawaiian luau theme.

Treat each guests to favors which can include beach balls, sunglasses, flip flops, water shooters, pool noodles or dive sticks. Other ideas include water bottles shaped like beach balls, sun hats, swim goggles and waterproof disposable cameras.

Purchase inexpensive beach pails in which to present the favors. Alternatively, find some beach-themed tote bags or beach bags for each guest and place the favors inside.

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