Parent Volunteer Bulletin Board Ideas

Parent volunteers act as much more than field-trip chaperones and helping hands to collect money during bake sales and fundraisers. According to the Michigan Department of Education, parental involvement is key to increasing a student's motivation, self-esteem and academic performance 1. If you are trying to get other moms and dads to pitch in and get involved, a parent volunteer bulletin board can be the key.

Informational Board

A parent volunteer bulletin board exists for one primary purpose: to inform parents about volunteer opportunities. While there are a variety of approaches to take when creating such a bulletin board, using an informational focus can simplify your project and make it easy for moms and dads to understand. Keep an informational board basic, using a solid color for the background. This will limit distractions, which will help make important information stand out. Staple descriptions of volunteer opportunities and a calendar of events to the board. Keep the board updated, taking down old information and replacing it with upcoming volunteer needs. Outdated information is the best way to keep people away from your volunteer board!

Sign-Up Sheets

To keep track of volunteers, most schools and parent-teacher organizations require sign-up sheets. These help event and fundraiser organizers know who to contact and how many moms and dads to expect. Create a bulletin board that includes sign-up sheets 3. Keep in mind that most parents won't want to add personal information, such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses, to a publicly placed board. Simply attach sheets that ask for parents' names only. Add a note that explains who the parents should contact for further information. This will allow the organizers to assess how many parents plan on volunteering without making anyone feel uncomfortable about personal identifiers.

School Spirit Board

Entice parents to volunteer with a school-spirit bulletin board. Add a picture of the school's mascot and photos of fun-filled parent-teacher organization events. The photos will show potential volunteers what other parents have done, how meaningful volunteering actually is to the children and it will get them excited about taking part in special school events. Parent volunteer boards for schools with younger kids, such as preschools, may include a crafty or cute theme such as a cut-out school house or an apple for the teacher. Whichever school spirit idea you choose, make sure to include key information such as the parent volunteer coordinator's phone number or a note on getting involved.

Fundraiser Boards

One of the primary ways that parents get involved in school events and activities is through fundraisers. Whether you are looking for volunteers to help out with organizing or delivering fundraiser products or you just want to get the word out about upcoming sales, a bulletin board can help parents learn about opportunities. Use the bulletin board space to show pictures of products that you are currently selling or tack up fundraiser forms for volunteers to take.