Online Help for Children Learning How to Speak Spanish

If asking your child, "Hablas espanol?" gets you a quizzical look, your little learner may need some help learning how to speak Spanish 27. Before hiring a pricey tutor, try an online source that provides foreign language learning with an interactive focus. Whether you are looking for a program that starts your child out from scratch or simply want to help pad her school lessons with a few communication games, online Spanish language websites offer an array of techniques and activities to make the most of your child's learning 237.

Paid Programs

While there are certainly plenty of free opportunities for your child to learn Spanish online, if you are looking for a thoroughly comprehensive program you may want to try a paid version 27. One of the top language learning programs online is Rosetta Stone 1. Although it isn't the most budget friendly option, the company touts its interactive tech-based software as some of the best. You can download the software directly onto your computer and set your child up with a fully-functional language curriculum. You can opt for the traditional all-ages user option that many adults try, or go for the homeschooling version that comes with five levels of instruction and "Parent Administrative Tools" for you to track your learner's progress. Another option, which works especially well for children, is Early Advantage's Muzzy Spanish program.The Muzzy Spanish software comes with six disks plus a year-long subscription to their online activities 27.

One at a Time

If you are just searching for a Spanish language learning site online to pad your child's class at school, consider a word a day or one word at a time option 27. Instead of providing a full-fledged instructional course, these sites introduce one new word each day, at a pace that your child can handle 2. For example, the Spanish Word-a-Day website provides one word, its spelling, its definition and its use within the context of a sentence at the top of its main page 27. Likewise, Braser Soft's Learn Spanish site provides visitors with a new Spanish word, plus its meaning, every day 27.


Help your child to learn Spanish in a playful way, through online language learning computer games 237. Your younger child can learn Spanish while playing a game that features his favorite characters, such as Curious George, at the PBS Kids website 237. If your child is a fan of Nick Jr's Dora or Diego, the network's website features language learning games such as "Bingo" in both English and Spanish 237. Online Spanish games, such as these, offer your child the opportunity to learn new words and practice his communication skills without feeling like he is in school 37.

Free Tutorials

Kids and teens who need some extra tutoring help in Spanish may benefit from a free online program 237. For example, offers free Spanish tutorials in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and culture 57. Likewise, features language learning lessons to increase your child's knowledge and hopefully boost her grade 6. Find printable tutorials and lessons that include themed vocabulary, expressions and adjectives for your child to use at the Learn Spanish website 7. This site has lists of words for commonly used items such as clothing, as well as kid-friendly vocab such as train words.