Activities to Teach Teens God's Love

Learning about God's unconditional love will be beneficial to a Christian teenager 1. Knowing that God loves him will help him through the different trials and tribulations he may endure in life. After discussing a lesson, have him engage in activities to help him gather a further understanding of the concept of God's love 1.

Love Banner

A simple banner created by your teenager can be a constant reminder of how extensive God's love is 1. Spread a long roll of paper, roughly the size of a church aisle, on the floor. Write a bible verse pertaining to God's love like Galatians 5:22-23 in the center of the banner 1. Let your teen use colored markers to write several adjectives to describe God's love like "huge," 'wide" or "forever" in big letters around the verse 1. Hang the completed banner along a church wall for others to view.

Heart Cookies

Your teen can engage in an edible craft by making and decorating heart-shaped cookies. Have her press cookie cutters in cookie dough. Bake according to instructions. Let cool. She can frost the cookies with red frosting and use a piping bag with a small tip to write on the cookies. Have her write "John 3:16" on each cookie. The cookies will serve as a sweet reminder to her that God loves the world and sent his only son to earth.

Sticky Hearts

In Deuteronomy 31:6, God shows his love by promising to never leave or forsake us in tough times. Let your teen participate in a craft to always remember he can feel God's presence. Have him cut two heart shapes from foam sheets and glue one heart to the end of a stick of gum to form a head. He can use chenille wires for the heart's arms and legs. Give him a permanent marker to write, "God Sticks With Me" on the other heart and glue to one of the arms. He can use the craft as a keepsake to remember God's promise.

Love Boxes

A teenager can show God's love by transforming an old shoebox into a gift for someone 1. Have him put tissue paper in the box and find or purchase food items like cans of soup and packets of tea to place in the box. Let him decorate the outside of the box with paper mache or construction paper. Have him create a small card to tape to the box's lid and write the entire verse of 1 John 4:19 inside. The verse emphasizes that we as humans love each other because God first loved us. Have him hand deliver the gift to an elderly or sick person.

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