Neon Birthday Ideas for Teens

You might wish the neon trend had stayed back in the 1980s, but old things tend to become new again. If your teen's birthday is approaching, a neon party is a creative way to celebrate her day without embarrassing her with outdated or uncool decorations and ideas 12. Give your teen some of the control over planning her party, so she gets a bash she'll remember for years to come.


Invitations are an easy way to set the neon theme for your teen's party 12. Many craft or home improvement stores sell glow-in-the dark neon paint in cans or as paint pens. You'll be able to see it in the light, but turn out the lights and the paint really stands out. Use a small paintbrush or a pen to outline the details of the party on black paper. A neon party works best when you can turn out the lights, so plan to have it in the evening. Include the time, date and place, and suggest that guests wear white clothing, which stands out better in the dark.


To really make a neon party pop, set up a few black lights in your basement or other room that you can easily darken. Hang up neon glow sticks and shapes from the ceiling and walls as decorations. Stick small glow sticks into balloons, blow them up and hang them around the room. Many party supply stores sell neon plates, cups and utensils that glow in the dark. Arrange them on black tablecloths so they can easily be seen in the dark. If you can't find them, have your teen decorate plain white plates and cups with neon paint pens.


Keeping teens entertained at a birthday party can be difficult, but sticking with the neon theme gives you several teen-friendly options 2. Hang up large pieces of butcher paper or muslin on the walls and set out small dishes of glow-in-the dark neon paint and several paintbrushes. Let guests create neon murals, then turn out the lights and watch them glow. Give each teen a couple of glow sticks and turn on some music and let them dance while waving the glow sticks around. Provide each guest with a white T-shirt, have her draw on it with neon pens or highlighters and wear it for the rest of the party. Look for neon face paint at party stores and let guests decorate each other with fancy images or birthday-inspired pictures or messages.

Food and Drink

Neon food might be hard to come by, but it's not a party without some snacks. Buffet-style eats work well for teens who are mingling and dancing. Pizza, nachos, chips and dip, fruit and vegetable kebabs, hot wings and cookies are simple and delicious party food that most teens enjoy. Use neon food coloring to tint frosting for a cake or cupcakes to keep with the theme. Light the candles and turn out the lights before singing to your teen.