Mother and Daughter Activities for Teens

As your daughter gets into her teen years, you might find a distance growing between you as she becomes more preoccupied with friends, boys and her beloved cellphone. Don't let the bond you have with your teen evaporate during this turbulent time. Plan activities that will appeal to your daughter and allow the two of you to connect on a personal level.

Girl Bonding Activities

If your daughter is a typical teen girl, taking her shopping is a huge treat. Help her pick out the right outfit for the homecoming dance, or the first day back to school after summer vacation. Bond over finding just the right accessory to match her new shoes. Then, head over to a department store where both of you can get a make-up consultation at one of the cosmetics counters. End the day with a dinner at an upscale restaurant that features dishes you know your teen will love. Another idea is to have a spa day, where the two of you can spend the day getting pampered from head to toe with massages, facials, body wraps, manicures and pedicures.

Achieve Together

Achieving something with your teen daughter can bring the two of your closer. For example, if your teen is fairly athletic, consider doing a 5 or 10K run together. Spend some free time prepping for the event by running several miles together in the weeks leading up to the run. If your teen likes to cook, sign up for a baking contest and come up with a recipe to submit together. If your teen likes to give back, you could do a fundraiser together for her favorite cause. For example, you could set goals such as collecting a certain amount of winter coats for needy kids, or filling a certain number of book bags with much-needed school supplies.

Explore Common Interests

Perhaps you and your teen daughter are both music fans, although you likely prefer music from a different era. Take your teen to see one of her favorite performers in concert, and then take her to see one of your favorite bands from when you were growing up, if they're still performing. She might find them cooler than she thought. If you both adore chick flicks, take her to opening day screening of the newest one, or rent a bunch of classics and have a mother-daughter movie night. If your teen is crafty, scrapbook some old family photos together, or visit a flea market to find old treasures that the two of you can restore together.

Mother-Daughter Getaway

Pack your bags and get away for a few days, just the two of you. You might get your teen out of school early on a Friday and hit the road together. Look at a map and let her choose where she might want to go within a certain distance -- and just go. Figure out where you want to stop and things you want to do along the way. If you live in a small town or city, a trip to a big city, like New York City, can be exciting for the both of you. Stay in the heart of the city and jointly decide what attractions you want to see.

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